If you are about to start a new grow, waiting for your new Mary to arrive, or simply thinking about growing in the future, this guide will show you what you need to know before you grow. It includes a list of what you can expect to receive when you purchase the Mary Model Z, and a few other items that we highly recommend getting before you start growing.

What is included when you purchase the Mary Model Z:

• Mary Model Z

• One Set of Pre-Measured Nutrients (Separated into weekly packages + the app will tell you which to add and when!)

• Replaceable Odour Filter (Recommend using one filter per grow cycle)

→ If it's not installed, place it in the slot (near the back of the inside of the unit, at the top of the water tank) with the black side facing to the rear.

• Grow Plug and Mesh Cup

→ Use this to plant your seed. See how it works in our Germination Guide.

• Hanging Line (Similar to fishing line)

→ Use this to tie up your harvest if you wish to dry inside the machine.

Recommended Supplies:

• pH balance kit HIGHLY RECOMMENDED → Look for the General Hydroponics pH balance kit at your local Hydroponic retailer, or on Amazon; available for approximately $30 and will last you multiple grow cycles, or; a digital pH pen is easier to use, but more expensive. The Bluelab pH pen is a good option.

→ Read more about how to pH balance in our pH balance guide.


→ Handy for your weekly water change by preparing your new tank before you pump the old water out.

→ Recommend the Home Depot 19L (5 gallon) bucket available at any Home Depot for $4.

→ Read more detail about how to perform the water tank change in our nutrient mixing guide.

• Small Aquarium Pump (The Mary model Z has a built in pump to help drain the water tank)

→ Some of our current growers have found that a small aquarium pump can make adding the new water a little easier than pouring it in.

Here is an example of a good option that you can order (don’t forget to order a hose) if you prefer this approach.

• Pruning Shears → Plant care will also involve occasional topping, trimming, and removing leaves from your plant. It helps to have a good pair of pruning shears for this type of care.

→ You can read more in our topping guide.

App and Support:

• Download the Mary companion app for iOS here, or for Android here, or by searching “Mary AG” in the app or play store

• I have attached a guide to the app to this email.

• Live support is available through the app if you run into any questions along the way.

• Our team is here to help and show you some tricks to getting the most out of your harvest.

You can find all of the links provided in this article

on our Grower Help Page.

Don’t forget that Mary is a developing platform. The more we grow, the better the results will be.

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