What is “flush week”?

The Flush Week is the final week of growth in your Mary recipe. During this week, use only pH balanced water and no nutrients. This is included in your Mary recipe in order to force the plant to use up the remaining nutrients stored in the plant. If you do not flush your plant, it will negatively affect the quality and flavour of your harvest.  

What tools/items do you need?

  1. Mixing bucket

  2. pH down

  3. pH pen/pH test kit 

How do you do it?

Fill your mixing bucket with 13L of water, similar to the previous weeks of the grow cycle. Remember, the recommended temperature is 18C-20C. Next, check the pH balance of your water. The ideal range is 5.5 - 6.5 for your plant. In most cases, you will have to add pH down to lower the pH of the solution. We recommend lowering to 5.5-6 since it is normal for the pH balance to raise slightly after being added to the Mary. 

Now that your flush water is ready, use the Mary pump to remove the solution that is currently in the tank and replace it with your flush water. Keep in mind that 13 L is more than 100% full - we recommend mixing at this volume as it makes it easier to add to the water tank. 

Any tips, tricks, or other things to be aware of? 

Water without the nutrient additive will not hold a pH value for very long so it is a good idea to check on the balance a minimum of every 2 days to maintain the 5.5-6.5pH range. 

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