Germination Phase
How to plant a seed in the Mary Model Z - a guide to the first phase of growth.
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Germination phase

Once your Model Z is plugged in and connected to wifi, you will be ready to start growing. If you are starting your plant from a seed, the first growth stage will be Germination. This guide will show you how to get your seed planted in the Mary Model Z.

Step 1. Prepare solution.

  • Prepare your water and nutrient solution for week 1 by following the guidance in the Nutrient Mixing Guide. Tip: it is a good idea to mix the water and nutrients in a separate bucket, then adding the solution slowly to the water tank. You can do the following steps while the water and nutrient solution is still in the bucket.

Step 2. Soak plug in water and nutrient solution.

  • Remove the Grow Plug from packaging, and drop the entire plug into the water and nutrient solution. Let soak for ~ 2 mins and remove.

Step 3. Open plug and plant.

  • Pull jute plug about 2cm out of the mesh cup.

  • Open up the jute plug following the direction of the fibre.

  • Place seed pointy side down in the space created.

  • Reinsert the jute plug back into the mesh cup

Step 4. Start Grow

  • Place plug in top plate and Start Grow in the app.

Once the grow cycle has started, you will notice that the grow lights are not turned on. That is to ensure the seed will not be dried out by the lights. The app will remind you to check for growth every 24hrs. Once you see some growth, you can skip to the next phase in the app.

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