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Harvesting Your Crop
Harvesting Your Crop

This guide will cover how to harvest a plant grown in your Mary Model Z.

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What tools/items do you need to harvest?

  1. Pruning shears or scissors 

  2. Container to protect your plant during the transition from harvesting to dry. 

How do I harvest my plant?

Step 1, De-leaf: Before you start cutting, de-leaf your plant by pulling off all remaining fan leaves. This will save you time later on after the drying process when it comes time to trim your bud. 

Step 2, Drain your tank: It is a good idea at this point to drain as much of the water out of your unit to prevent any spillage or mess later on. 

Step 3, Harvest: Next you will harvest the plant from your Mary by cutting the stem close to the base of the plant and place it in your container to protect it from getting dirty. This will really help contain the mess created by preparing your plant for drying.  

Step 4, Remove the root ball: It is a good idea to remove the root ball right after harvesting your crop to prevent any unwanted smells or rotting. You can compost the root ball the same way you would with food scraps or yard waste. 

Step 5, (Optional) Quick clean: now that you have harvested your plant and removed all plant matter I would recommend giving the tank a rinse and wipe down as this will make cleaning before your next grow a lot easier.  

Any tips, tricks, or other things to be aware of? 

I would recommend using gloves during this process due to how sticky and messy this process can be. 

Additionally the root ball can act like a sponge and hold onto water even after you have drained the tank so be careful when removing it to prevent any unwanted mess. 

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