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What is Smart Climate Assist and how does it work?

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Growing in a small space can have some challenges. Typically, one of the biggest challenges is getting enough light to penetrate the entire plant. Mary solves that problem with lighting from every direction. However, this feature introduces a new consideration: how do we handle the heat generated by all those light sources? The answer is Smart Climate Assist.

Smart Climate Assist will help maintain a more consistent grow chamber temperature based on the surroundings. Your typical plant can survive a wide range of temperatures without many issues. What should be avoided is a rapid change in temperature, greater than 5C. Rapid swings in temperature can stress your plant and affect the overall growth and production of flower.

How Smart Climate Assist works:

  1. Mary analyzes the ambient temperature for 24hours, and calibrates to the best temperature setting for day time settings in your current environment.

  2. The Smart Climate Assist will turn on as the temperature starts to fluctuate. For example, it will turn on after the ‘sunrise’ time, offsetting the increase in heat by cooling the airflow as it enters the grow chamber.

  3. Calibration is initiated at the start of a grow cycle, at the start of each new phase, or when the calibration button is pushed in the manual control page of the Mary app.

Smart Climate Assist will not require anything from you. However, if you would like to calibrate your settings after moving the unit, or due to a change in ambient temperature, you can do so in the Manual Control tab of the app. Open Manual control, and scroll down to the Day/Night Temperature section, and click ‘calibrate’, then ‘save’ in the upper right corner to apply the calibration.

While we do recommend that you leave it on to help safeguard against large temperature swings, you can elect to turn the Auto Climate Assist feature off in the Manual Control page of the app. When the feature is ‘on’, the Climate section of the Vitals tab will show “Auto” as the Status. It will show “Off” when the Smart Climate Assist is turned off.

Mary is equipped with a thermoelectric AC unit. This unit is capable of slightly heating or cooling the air as it flows into the grow chamber. Since we use an energy efficient version, it will not overcome large differences in temperature. You will achieve the best results from growing in typical room temperature.

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