As you prepare to start your grow, it’s important that you have the right equipment handy and ready to use. This guide includes a list of items that we highly recommend getting before you start growing.

  • pH balance kit and/or digital pH pen (we recommend the Bluelab pH pen)

→ Read more about how to pH balance in our pH balance guide.

  • Bucket (5 gallon) - for your weekly water change (available at any Home Depot or hardware store)

  • Aquarium pump - to add new water vs. manually pouring in water (be sure to buy one with a hose if you prefer this approach)

  • Pruning Shears - for occasional topping, trimming, and removing leaves

→ Read more in our topping guide.

  • Jars - for curing during harvest

You can find all of the links provided in this article on our Grower Help Page.

Don’t forget that Mary is a developing platform. The more we grow, the better the results will be.

Happy growing!

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