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Drying your Harvest in the Mary Model Z
Drying your Harvest in the Mary Model Z

This guide will cover how to use your Mary Model Z to dry your harvested plant.

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After you have harvested your plant, the next step is to dry it. This guide will show you how to do this inside the Mary Model Z.

What tools/items do you need to dry my harvest?

  1. Pruning shears or scissors

  2. Fishing line or equivalent 

How do I dry my harvest Inside the Mary?

Step 1, Prepping the plant: I recommend breaking your harvested plant down before drying as this will help increase the amount of airflow and help prevent any unwanted moulding or degradation of the harvest. The simplest way to do this is by removing each branch of the plant so you end up with multiple separate branches. 

Step 2, Hanging your drying line: This can be done by using the internal hooks, located on the front and back wall inside the grow chamber, and the fishing line provided with the unit. Simply place the line over the hooks and tie the ends together creating your drying line.

Step 3, Hanging your harvest: Next you will hang all your harvested branches upside down on the line using one of the buds as an anchor.

Step 4, Starting your Drying cycle: Once you arrive at the Harvest Phase of the grow cycle, open the Manual Control (which can be found in the upper left corner of the Vitals page), scroll to the bottom and select “skip” under Phase Control. 

Any tips, tricks, or other things to be aware of? 

I would recommend using gloves during this process due to how sticky and messy this process can be. 

Drying times may vary depending on size and density of your harvest so it is a good idea to check on your harvest daily to prevent over drying.

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